St. Beatus Caves, Beatenberg (CH), 2019

Immersed in new light

For Switzerland, the Beatus Caves represent a place of national identity and personal fascination. Once the site of Saint Beatus and the starting point for Swiss Christianisation, today the most attractive and exciting cave attraction in Switzerland is to be created. The primary goal of the project was therefore to dramaturgically reinforce the cave experience on site. The numerous sensory impressions and symbolic references in the cave were to be further enhanced by a new light staging, thus enhancing the existing narrative and sensual potential.

Erlebnisplan accompanied the Beatus Caves Cooperative from the first idea sketch through the conception and planning to the realisation and turnkey handover of the new light staging. Embedded in the current further developments, such as the new museum display, an optimisation of the gastronomic offer as well as a communication and mediation offensive, a central building block was thus laid for the further development of the enterprise.


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