LOISIUM, Langenlois (A), 2013

Fridolin, the cellar mouse, reveals the original wine (hi)story

How do you captivate children with a theme that primarily appeals to adults? What does a tiny, mischievous mouse have to do with great wine culture? How can you combine both questions and still present a topic with credibility? Museum Loisium devotes itself to these questions – wine, experience, world.

Erlebnisplan developed, planned and implemented a devoted orchestration of the Wine World seen through the eyes of a mouse. Over the course of 10 multifaceted stations, Fridolin searches for his ancestors in the wine cellar labyrinth and provides a lot of information on this quest. His curiosity motivates him on unimagined paths to the philosophical knowledge of viticulture, allowing children to understand the topic in a simple, playful way.

In collaboration with Christian Duss (3D illustrations) and Christine Rettl (story).

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