CKW Energy Cube, Lucerne (CH) 2013

Energy or curiosity?
What drives mankind more?

How does an electricity company explain to its customers how electricity works in understandable terms? With the visitor centre ‘Stromwelt CKW’ (Electricity World), CKW has created a platform that is not only interesting for corporations and associations but also equally for private groups and families. In order to remain attractive, new ideas are constantly required.

Erlebnisplan developed an energy cube that teaches visitors how to save energy at home. Rolling balls, guided using sliders and controllers, illustrate energy efficiency. This exciting and informative game fascinates both young and old. It not only serves as an important element of the visitor centre, but is ‘mobile’ and can also be used at a trade fair at any time.

In collaboration with Premotion, feinwerk and objektil.

Download the project summary here.




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