Bernina Glaciers, from St. Moritz to Poschiavo (CH), 2014

A clear strategy as a starting point

There are countless interesting mountain destinations in Switzerland and nearby countries. To be a magnet for a lot of guests, a location needs an attractive brand. This is the result of a clear positioning with a conscious strategy, which means that the visitor wants to know what to expect and look forward to. This goal is also pursued by the tourism service providers of ‘Bernina Glaciers’. Guests should experience the natural phenomenon of the glacier between St. Moritz and Poschiavo in the context of both energy and time.

Erlebnisplan supported the local tourist organisations and service providers in the development and implementation of a concept, which was to further develop and strengthen this tourism-relevant brand. It reveals how those responsible for this particular destination can orchestrate the natural local conditions in the form of consciously managed tourist attractions.

A first step has been implemented with the organisation and new communication strategy. Further innovative offers around the glacier theme are to follow in the coming decades – as long as the glacier in the Bernina region still plays a role in landscaping.

See orchestration Glacier Trail Morteratsch

See orchestration Diavolezza

Information on the ‘Bernina Glaciers’ adventure area can be found here.

Download the project summary here.


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