Heidi Trail & Water Forest, Pizol (CH), 2012

The overall strategy becomes reality

In the course of the jointly designed, comprehensive plan ‘Pizol – a realm of unique experience’ – Erlebnisplan developed, planned and implemented two attractions for the experience realm Pizol:

Re-orchestration of the Heidi Trail

The existing themed trail on Pardiel had become somewhat outdated, and been given new value by implementing 12 narrative and interactive experience stations. Together with Heidi, Peter and his goats, guests both young and old alike can go on treasure hunts and playfully get to know the experience realm Pizol. A special highlight of the trail is Heidi’s ‘barefoot meadow’ – Switzerland’s first Kneipp facility for children – which complements the tailor-made Heidi Trail experience optimally.

Effervescent and refreshing experiences in the Furt Water Forest

A waterfall, a natural creek bed, a soft forest floor and plentiful shade – Furt is both the ideal location and backdrop for an exceptional family experience on the mountain. The end result includes a 60-metre-long forest marble run, which – thanks to the flexible and modular tracks system – can be modified and converted as the guest chooses. The specially designed water-themed games complete the water forest experience, turning a cool forest clearing into a refreshing experience for the entire family.

More about the comprehensive plan.

Download the project summary for the Heidi Trail here. [PDF in German]




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