Heiden, Appenzell Ausserrhoden (CH), 2015

From Heiden to Walzenhausen – where fun abounds!

Anyone who wants to get to know the Appenzell Ausserrhoden region and feels like using both their leg and laughing muscles can hike the ‘Joke Trail’. This takes visitors from Heiden via Wolfhalden to Klus, then to Sonder, and via Schiben and Hostet to Walzenhausen. On this trail, one not only gets to know the typically sly-witted Appenzell humour, but also discovers the beautiful hills of theAppenzell region, while immersing oneself in the local hospitality.

The Joke Trail is an indicator of the new boost to tourism in the region. In cooperation with Switzerland Tourism, three further thematic trails have been planned to enhance the diversity of the region’s hiking.

Erlebnisplan revamped approximately 40 joke stations and thereby facilitated an easy updating of humorous content.

Custome Future provided the mobile WITZCHISCHTÄ (‘Joke Box’) in which the joke culture of the Appenzell region can be experienced.

More about the Joke Trail


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