The Lech route, Lechtal (A), 2010

From the spring to the fall

The river Lech originates from the Formarinsee lake in Austria’s province of Vorarlberg, then winds its way for 125 km until turning into the Lechfall waterfall at Füssen, in Germany’s Allgäu. The hiker, who wants to explore the river’s path, can witness unique nature experiences along this route. The trail, for instance, also leads past one of Europe’s largest Alpine ibex colonies and to a waterfall, which, as if by magic, dries up and reappears every year.

In this cross-country cooperation, Erlebnisplan learned about the different towns, sights, historical events and scenic characteristics. An incredible wealth of stories and attractions was waiting to be discovered by visitors. Erlebnisplan created an ‘emotional hiking map’ that the hikers can enjoy and experience with all their senses during their multiple-day hike. In doing so, the hiker follows a geographic and narrative guide system, which lends identity to the entire region and remains an unforgettable experience.

In cooperation with Kohl & Partner

More about the Lech route


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