Morteratsch Glacier Trail, Pontresina (CH), 2015

Glacier, why are you crying?

Is it the heat, the grief, or the joy that has created the ‘tear of the glacier’? There is no clear answer. As diverse the world of eternal ice is, its stories and myths are as exciting. As it has evolved from the terrain left by the glacier, the tear of the Morteratsch glacier marks the entrance into another attraction of the Bernina Glaciers destination brand.

In collaboration with Pontresina Tourism, the Academia Engiadenia in Samedan and experts from the region, Erlebnisplan developed an adventure trail for guests from near and far, large and small, for those seeking delight as well as the ones thirsty for knowledge. For wide-ranging interests of this sort, there are now more than 16 elegant experience stations that form a time axis. These decade-incremented steles do more than fulfil expectations: they not only mark the progressing decline of the glacier, with an integrated audio guide and children's search game, they also guide the visitor through space and time, telling fascinating stories and facts on the way there and back, about the glaciology and cultural history of the Upper Engadin region.

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