SeminarResort Kothmühle, Neuhofen an der Ybbs (A), 2015

Pears. Cider. Inspiration.

The 4-star Seminar Resort Kothmühle is one of the most distinguished independent seminar hotels in Lower Austria. The family-owned company used an upcoming expansion and investment project to equip their business with a refined USP, quality of service and experience characteristics.

Jointly with the owners of Kothmühle, Erlebnisplan developed a new presentation concept. The local and regional themes, particularly the pear and farm culture of the Mostviertel region, contribute to making the offered seminars unique and correspondingly appealing. This has resulted in the creation of gastronomy and seminar rooms that are particularly inspiring. The thematisation and upgrading of further service and experience areas are planned and will follow in the future.

More about the RelaxResort Kothmühle

Copyright / Photos by Haberland

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