Adventure paths through the country estate, Schloss Hof (A) 2016

Taking time off from reigning

Schloss Hof is a paradise-like palace, surrounded by Baroque gardens populated with white donkeys, where both Prince Eugene of Savoy and Empress Maria Theresia spent their summer months.
The farm estate of the area was to be supplemented by an attractive form of ‘adventure’, allowing visitors big and small to immerse themselves in the Baroque period, a diversity of individuals providing the princely household with everything it needed.

Together with Schönbrunn Palace, Erlebnisplan developed two adventure paths that guide visitors through the estate on interactive tours. There, they have the opportunity to slip into the role of the maid or stallboy, and to playfully discover numerous other figures of the Baroque period, all while strolling through the estate and its magnificent gardens.

More about the adventure paths at Schloss Hof


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