Magic Waters Grächen, Grächen (CH), 2016

Magic Waters Grächen – historic irrigation channels magically orchestrated

A magical and refreshing experience has been flowing through the fairy-tale landscape of Grächen for more than 500 years. Rich in stories, the ‘Magic Waters Grächen’ draw on numerous traditions and legends. Springing from the Riedbach creek, they bring back the slumbering watercourses to summer life.

Together with Grächen Tourism, Erlebnisplan developed various ‘pleasure islands’ and resting places along the Chilcherie and Eggerie channels, which invite young and old to linger, reflect and refuel. The irrigation channels are a cultural heritage of Grächen and have been necessary to fill the most sun-drenched location in the Valais, but one with the lowest precipitation, with water for more than 500 years. As a mysterious thread, which moves magically through the landscape, Erlebnisplan has set the scene for these vital waters. The exhilaration and pleasure of a water playground allow visitors to discover new oasis of peace and wellbeing, the Magic Waters Grächen thereby create a supplementary building block for local tourist services.


Download the project summary here.



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