Nature Playground Savognin (CH), 2016

Developing tourism under the banner of nature

Savognin, located in the heart of the Canton of Grisons, promises family holidays with an ideal combination of fun, relaxation and nature experiences. In order to further develop this promise in a sustainable manner and to provide guests with significant experiental value, the Savognin tourism board mandated a vision and feasibility study on creating the "Biggest nature playground of Switzerland".

Erlebnisplan carried out a series of workshops together with the most important stakeholders of tourism, the cable cars, Parc Ela and the municipalities dealing with the vision "nature playground". Together, a commom thread as well ideas and operational concepts for existing and future touristic offers were developed. This resulted in a number of sub-projects which shall be realized during the years to come.

Also see Alpleben Somtgant-Radons


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