Experiential Master Plan Region Bad Zurzach, Bad Zurzach (CH), 2018

A blue thread connecting the region...

The region of "Zurzibiet" comprises two touristic lighthouse attractions offering significant radiance and potential for differentiation: Bad Zurzach as a well-known health resort and the Rhine as recreative oasis and border river. The thermal spa as well as the international bike route bring high frequencies of visitors into the area, a potential source of added value which should be used even more in the future. The stream of visitors shall also be directed into the surrounding area to provide guests with a wider portfolio of touristic offers and to increase the value creation and development potential for the entire region.

Erlebnisplan accompanied the Bad Zurzach tourism organization as well as representatives from ten municipalities throughout the development of a transregional thematic and value proposition. Based on this, the "blue thread" was developed as a connecting attraction concept, which shall invite locals and guests alike to explore the different aspects of the surrounding villages. Affiliating elements were equally important as local highlights to valorize the individual municipalities. Open communication processes as well as the early involvement of all stakeholders have proven to be core success factors for this regional development concept.


You can download the project dossier here. (PDF in German)


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