Master Plan Monte Generoso, Mendrisio (CH), 2017

A new blooming period for the region of Mendrisiotto...

The Monte Generoso is delighting its visitors for centuries with its generous panorama and a pittoresque ride in a historic cog railway. The construction of the new summit station "Fiore di Pietra" designed by the well-known architect Mario Botta should also bring a new blooming period for the entire region. The main goal was the establishment of the "Regione Monte Generoso" as a transregional tourism brand as well as the development of new and valorization of existing offers. The radiance of the "stone flower" should be multiplied and used as a driver for regional development.

Erlebnisplan accompanied the regional development process surrounding the construction of the "Fiore di Pietra" on behalf of the Organizzazione Turistica Regionale Mendrisiotto e Basso Ceresio. The widespread project perimeter was divided into four coherent experience realms which are united under the umbrella label of "Regione Monte Generoso". In addition to that, the touristic centers and core offers were defined and a concept was created to envision their further development. In terms of regional embedment, all relevant stakeholders were included in the process from an early stage and already existing projects and regional visions were included in the master plan document.


You can download the project dossier here. (PDF in German)


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