The Royal Experience, Wengen (CH), 2018

A crowning summit experience

The "Royal Experience" Wengen-Männlichen puts the royal landscape into the center of a carefully designed visitor experience. In 2015 the UNESCO Trail on Männlichen (Jungfrau region) has been been bestowed with a new title: Royal Walk Wengen and has since developed into a successful tourist destinaton. The orchestration of the World Heritage Site consists of seven esthetic info stations that lead to the summit and "crowning" peak via a gentle ascent. A harmonious and topic-themed lookout platform stages the royal view majestically, turning Männlichen at the feet of Jungfrau into a ‘confident’ experience mountain.

In the course of technic modernizations the new gondola cableway leading up to Männlichen with its circular staircase and open-air balcony was transformed into the "Royal Ride" and dramaturgic entry point and main attraction within the "Royal Experience". Through a structurally simple but highly effective give-away, the guest is already involved in this crowning experience in the valley: a personal panorama map folds into a crown, making the guest ‘king’ or ‘queen’. In addition to families, an international audience is increasingly focused on and their interest in the view from Männlichen should be inspired.

Erlebnisplan designed and implemented the orchestration of this UNESCO trail as part of the overall ‘WOWengen’ experience strategy. Based on this, all touchpoints of the royal visitor experience as well as the overarching thematic and design guidelines were further developed and well-matched.

More about the Royal Walk Wengen

Download the project summary here. [PDF in German]



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